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Expresslink Kiosk

About Expresslink Kiosk

Our application aims to provide a user-friendly and efficient platform for both buyers and sellers. we offer an innovative solution for users seeking a seamless and intuitive way to connect with products. Sellers can effortlessly register and showcase their offerings through a straightforward onboarding process, ensuring a smooth entry into the marketplace.

Technology Stack

By utilizing this technology stack and programming languages, we will create a robust, feature-rich, and user-friendly web app that meets the modern web standards and provides an excellent online experience for visitors


Kotlin is officially supported by Google for Android development


language is developed by Apple for building native iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps.

React Native/React Js

is a framework for building iOS and Android platforms apps using React

Express Js

is a minimal and flexible Node.js web app framework that build robust applications

Node Js

is a runtime JS built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine used for building scalable & efficient


is a popular NoSQL DB that is often used in backend, particularly in Node.js apps

“We aspire to create a shomobud that seamlessly adapts to the ever-changing e-commerce landscape, ultimately fostering increased user satisfaction and engagement”