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From building 2D, 3D, and Isometric games, Ammrys Studios is set to conquer the Next-gen AR/VR and NFTs video games industry.

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Dive into Surreal Virtual Environments and Battle for Life!

Experience vivid gameplay on your Apple Vision Pro or any VR Headsets you own. Ammrys Studios blurs the lines between dreams and realities with its top-notch AR/VR mobile app development and lucrative NFT video game design services.


  • Augmented Reality (AR) Platform

    Ammrys Studios mobile app developers don’t just sit and code games; they superimpose virtual elements – up front realistically – blowing away minds. They bring AR applications and VR game apps closer to reality. Wearing digital clothes, taking virtual tours, and talking to game characters hasn’t felt so real – and spellbindingly surreal.

  • Playable, Performance, and Progress

    Video games powered with Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality technologies are on another level. Moreover, they provide gamers with smooth gameplay, enhanced performance, and guaranteed scalability.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

    VisionOS is compatible across platforms, including mobile devices, smart glasses, and AR/VR headsets, expanding a wider audience reach – and guaranteeing exponential growth in the VisionOS app development field.


NFT Game Development

  • In-Game Asset Ownership

    Make virtual playable components become actual possessions. Yes, it is possible with NFTs. Non-fungible Tokens are unique in-game items like weapons, costumes, virtual land, etc. You can own them as you level up and even sell them to other players interested in buying them.

  • Play-to-Earn Mechanics

    This is why NFT Game Design and Development Services is gaining traction. Non-fungibles are integrated with game mechanics that convert your in-game coin collections and gameplay scores into real money. The more skills, winnings, and achievements you unlock, the better you earn.

  • Characters/Collectibles Value

    Limited-edition NFTs are super rare finds in games, and thus, hold better collector value. Hence the reason it attracts enthusiastic gamers and open-handed investors alike.


Game Development

  • Immersive Rich Gameplay

    NFT video games come to life; when combined with AR/VR technologies. It also offers an absorbing gaming experience and transfer of spendable virtual currency – into your digital wallets.

  • Game Mechanics and New Genres

    NFTs open new grounds and opportunities for ambitious gamers who love innovative gameplay and adrenaline-charged genre mashups. AR treasure hunts, sports, and virtual world player-driven dynasties are some popular examples.

  • Supportive Community

    NFTs possessing high value, rarity, and distinctive facets bring gamers together from around the globe to trade these in-game elements. As a result, they foster a positive gaming atmosphere and create harmony among online players.

Game Development

Our Team of Skilled Game Developers

Casual players

Casual Players

Enjoy quick, pick-up-and-play experiences that anyone can dive into.

Hardcore gamers

Hardcore Gamers

Push the boundaries of skill with intricate challenges and deep strategic gameplay.

Families and friends

Families and Friends

Foster social interaction and shared experiences through co-op and competitive multiplayer modes.